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Advanced Health Center, P.C.

Our Chiropractic Clinic Offers Advanced Treatments for Complete Wellness

Dr. Angel Carrion Dr. Lisa-Noto Carrion

2014 Obamacare Health Tips...Priceless

2014 Insurance tips for all of us...

Happy New Year! In 2014 we enter the Obamacare era. This year many of you may experience insurance policies changes, and you may not be fully aware of it.
High deductible plans and plans with high co-pays will especially be more common. Our recommendation is that you call your insurance company and confirm that your doctors are still on your plan. Many plans and carriers have re-done their networks and have removed many providers (Doctors).

Tip: If your doctor is not in your plan but you still prefer to see that specific doctor I recommend you speak with them about a resonable payment plan.

The new plans will require a greater understanding of your personal responsibility due to the increase deductibles and co-pays.

Deductibles must be paid by the patient (you) before the insurance will pay any benefits. Therefore, if you have $3000 deductible you must pay this amount out of your pocket first then the plan will cover their portion. Of course, this cost is on top of your monthly insurance bill. Once your deductible is met your co-pay will kick in. This means that after you pay the first $3000, every other visit will require your co-pay. This example may vary based on your specific plan but it's consistent with our experience in our office. 

Therefore, it is very important that you change your health care habits for yourself and your family from a sick care drug based model (I only go the doctor when I'm sick for my medication and shots) to a proactive, drug free, Chiropractic wellness model ( I go to my Chiropractor on a regular basis like going to the gym or eating healthy so I can avoid or minimize being sick). This will allow you to experience a higher level of health and improve quality of life while saving money. What a great concept!

Our office offers a reasonable cash plan for individuals and family that will help you stay healthy and avoid the exorbitant cost of sick care. 

Take control of your health today - call my staff and make an appointment today for your wellness evaluation using our Myovision System at 

To a healthy 2014,

Dr. Carrion

What is Chiropractic and how can it help you?  Play the video below for the answer!

Chiropractic Care and Your Personal Health Insurance Policy

Good Health Does Not Happen By Chance... Become proactive with your Health!

When we talk about lifestyle and good health, we usually only consider exercise and nutrition. A third area - rewarding and fulfilling relationships and interests - may be added as an afterthought. But a fourth area - chiropractic care - is in fact the key to gaining the benefits from all the other lifestyle areas and activities.

Chiropractic care focuses on how your body is doing its job. This "job" is to link harmoniously all the various separate physiological activities - to make sure all your body's systems are working well together. The responsibility for this harmony lies with the nerve system, the master system that ties together the functioning of your heart and lungs, your stomach and other digestive organs, your endocrine system, and your immune system. By identifying and correcting misalignments in the spinal column, chiropractic care helps ensure that your nerve system is functioning optimally. When your nerve system is doing its job, the rest of your body has the opportunity to produce the maximum health available. As a result, chiropractic care helps you get the most out of all your other activities and helps you gain and retain good health which is the best insurance policy for you.

The chiropractic care provided in our office is both preventative and rehabilitative. At Advanced Health Center, PC, husband and wife team of Drs. Angel and Lisa Carrion are both licensed chiropractors since 1997. They use the most advanced techniques and methods to alleviate pain - and more. Our chiropractors do not simply treat the pain, but treat and correct the cause of the pain as well as provide a total wellness program for optimum health going forward. Both chiropractors are also certified sports physicians, which brings another level of care to our clinic and community.

Hackensack Chiropractors Treat Sciatica and Hip Pain

Our Hackensack chiropractors have experience treating a variety of patient pain conditions, including Sciatica and hip pain. While alleviating pain from sciatica, a misaligned spine, sports injury or other personal injury is one of the main reasons people visit a chiropractor.  However,  our clients do not need to be in any type of a pain to benefit from our services that promote good health. Good health is the key to preventing future incidents of pain, illness, and disease while it allows our patients to enjoy the fullest mobility, flexibility, and activity possible.

Our clinic is equipped with a technology known as Myovision, which is incredibly beneficial during the initial visit to give our doctors a detailed electromyography scan of the paraspinal muscles in the neck and back. This is an objective measure of the tension within your muscles and it also reveals the lack of muscle balance present in the patients body.  This complete chiropractic exam also includes a testing of the patient's reflexes and ability to bend and turn along with standard orthopedic, postural, physical, and neurological assessments.

Treatments at our Hackensack clinic include decompression (to eliminate the pressure on your disc and nerve roots), cervical and lumbar spine adjustments, extremity adjusting, sports therapy, muscle stimulation, hot packs, orthodics, wellness/pro-active care, and advanced and highly specialized chiropractic treatments (ie. MUA) that are not always offered at many clinics.

Manipulation under anesthesia, or M.U.A., is one of our techniques that can benefit patients who suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or overall pain. It's been especially effective for clients for which traditional methods of treatment or other chiropractic techniques have not fully succeeded.  The procedure is performed in a New Jersey State surgery center that is fully staffed with nurses and board certified anesthesiologist. Using a light dose of anesthesia during the manipulation instantly and fully relaxes the entire body, allowing our chiropractor to painlessly and quickly administer adjuster spinal and joint manipulations, that may be been too painful without the anesthesia, to the appropriate areas.

Another specialized treatment method offered by our chiropractors is the Graston Technique. Originally developed by athletes, the Graston Technique is a patented form of treatment that uses specialized surgical steel instruments that help detect and treat soft tissue injuries. The instruments assist the doctor in identifying the area of adhesion and then helps break down areas of adhesion/scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

Although our specialized techniques can help a wide range of ailments, remember a trip to our chiropractor does not have to come from pain. It can instead stem from the desire to remain as healthy and active as possible.

VIP - Why get adjusted?  Windsor Study- In 1921,  Henry Windsor, MD performed a dissection of cadavers and supported the chiropractic theory that subluxations in the spine have a negative effect on the organs they control.  

The Chiropractic Theory

The major chiropractic theory that the study under review focused on was the intervertebral subluxation hypothesis. This theory views subluxations as frequently common in the general population and are caused by acute trauma or poisons. The paper assumes many people today are subluxated and it looks for a connection between the viscerosomatic pathways function and the subluxation level. According to the theory, subluxations at specific levels of the spine can be correlated with visceosomatic dysfunction in the body. The study I am reviewing, Sympathetic Segmental Disturbances, is looking for the direct correlation as stated above by the means of dissection of cadavers.

Evidence from Results and Discussion

This study examined 50 cadavers from the University of Pennsylvania by means of dissection to the spinal region. All of the cadavers examined were marked for having abnormal spinal curvatures, then the areas that were considered abnormal were inspected looking for a tie between the abnormal area and the sympathetic organ innervation which was associated with each specific segment. The findings found that the areas which had the highest correlation with visceral dysfunction were the areas of the spine which possessed minor compensatory curves. Areas of grossly abnormal segmental locations were actually found to not be connected with diseased organs. Of the 50 cadavers examined, there were 139 organs considered to be diseased, where a curved vertebrae was found in conjunction with the sympathetic nerve, there was a correlation of 128 of the 139 organs. With ten of the other eleven diseased organs, abnormal curvatures or subluxations were found at either the segment above or below the area of dysfunction.

Relevance to Chiropractic

The relevance to chiropractic found in this study was astounding. This research experiment showed a significant correlation between abnormal curvatures in the body and their ties with sympathetic nervous system over-stimulation. This study found visceral diseases and pathologies were traced back to their segmental levels with nearly 100% correlation. This landmark studied hinted that spinal curve abnormalities could lead to visceral diseases. The authors also found that spinal diseases precedes old age often times and actually can be the cause of rapid old aging, hence, a person is as old as his/her spine.

Patient Friendly Summary of the Winsor Autopsies

A landmark study was conducted in 1921, this study looked for a connection between the segments of back dysfunction and the rate of organ disease associated with them. Fifty cadavers were dissected and the areas of back dysfunction were found to have an astoundingly significant connection to the areas of organ disease. What this means for you, the patient, is that this is a study which linked areas of back dysfunction with areas of organ disease. This can be directly related to the phrase, structure is connected to function. The study found most of the organs diseased were because sympathetic nerve flow was heightened once a segment in the back became abnormal. If the segments were not fixed or properly cared for, the over-stimulus led to the organ diseases. It is my hope that you as patients understand that the health of your back is directly related to your bodies overall global health.

By: Dr. Baker

Citation 1) Winsor, H. 1921. The Evidences of the Association, in Dissected Cadavers, of Visceral Disease with Vertebral Deformities of the Same Sympathetic Segments. Medical Times, November, 1921, pp 1-7.


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